Ten Ways to Make a Difference

Whether you have ONLY 5 MINUTES, or if you have more time to spare, we have a way for you to make a mark in this World.

Our strength lies in collective action. With over 3 million Amnesty members and supporters, we can help individuals around the World whose human rights are being violated.  We can also document Bermuda cases to help get our voices heard!

You can help too, join us by taking action now!

1.  Take action right now!

Signing just ONE petition on one of the many human rights issues facing our communities around the world makes a difference.

2.  Attend an event

Bring friends, learn about human rights, and network with other like-minded people in Bermuda who want to take action too!  You can have a great time and take action together!

3. Become a member

We are a movement of people, over 3,000,000 strong.  By joining Amnesty International Bermuda, you can help shine our light brighter on the injustices occurring around the World.  Joining also helps us to have the human resources needed in achieving our local goals.  JOIN NOW

4. Donate

Your gift helps keep our movement free from corporate influence and independent from government agendas. DONATE NOW!

5. Volunteer

Our network of volunteers have the chance to try almost anything—from tag day, writing letters and organizing a group to responding to a crisis, leading a lobby effort or carrying out our campaigns—we invite you to explore the diverse volunteer opportunities available to you around Amnesty Bermuda.

6. Join a Group

Together, the members of our groups take action, reach out to new communities and educate the public about how they can make human rights a reality for all.

Our local groups include: PARAN Group (Latin American), Urgent Action Team (Letter Writing), MENA (Middle East and North Africa), Migrant Workers Rights, Anti-discrimination based on Sexual Orientation.

7.  Follow a Campaign

Are you passionate about a certain issue? Join a network of activists around the World who are using campaigns to teach communities about torture, abolition of the death penalty, ending poverty and more.  Our campaigns locally work with Stopping Violence Against Women, Migrant Workers Rights, Demanding Dignity, to name a few.  Help us create a new one!

8.  Shop for a Cause (Coming Soon)

Our online store can help with gifts for either you or a friend.  T-Shirts and more, we will keep adding great items to help you when shopping for that unique gift, especially for that person who has everything.

9.  Write for Rights

Join over 17,000 people in one of the largest events on behalf of political prisoners, human rights defenders and others whose rights are being violated by their governments or corporations.  Our Urgent Action Network along with our annual writing marathon is an amazing way to learn about the real world, as it is happening.

10.  Partner with us

Through collaborations, partnerships and collective action, we can improve the state of human rights here and abroad. If you represent a university, association or agency, explore the ways you can support Amnesty International Bermuda.

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