Volunteer Reno Nevada

Our First Look At Reno NV:

There’s no denying that Las Vegas tends to get the most attention when it comes to looking at things to do in Nevada, but visitors definitely shouldn’t overlook the rest of the state! Even aside from great federal and state parks, the other urban cities and areas in the state have plenty to offer! If you’re finding yourself up north make sure to visit Reno, “The Biggest Little City In The World” and take a look at everything this wonderful little city has to offer.

Reno Arch

Peppermill Casino
Vegas isn’t the only city with a great casino. While there are several outstanding casinos throughout Reno, there’s no denying that the Peppermill Casino is top of the list. They not only have a great floor for gamblers, but an outstanding bar and grill, wonderful lounge areas, and just a fantastic experience for whatever you’re looking for. There is a lot to like about the Peppermill and it is a favorite of residents and visitors alike.

So Many Ski Resorts
If you’ve visited in the winter it’s worth knowing that Reno is just a stone throw’s away from some outstanding ski resorts. If you love hitting the powder on skis or even snowboarding, this is the best city out of Nevada to jump out onto the powder and enjoy the many options when it comes to winter wonderland fun.

Truckee River Walk
If you’re not there during the winter then check out the Truckee River Walk for your touch of nature while hanging out in the Little Big City! Reno’s river walk is a wonderful trail that delivers the full nature and park experience often right in the middle of a city with some sections that can make you believe you’re out in the middle of nowhere.

National Automobile Museum
Ranked by Reno seo expert websites as being the #1 attraction in Reno, the National Automobile Museum displays over 200 vintage cars from a variety of different time periods. You get a good look at all the different styles and amazing variety of automobiles that show just how many different directions past autos have gone.

The MidTown District
MidTown is full of a large variety of shops, restaurants, and other places of interest. You can see local businesses, catch some of the best meals in the entire city, and enjoy many unique places of business that offer something unique to each and every visitor.

The Animal Ark
A bit different than most attractions and located north of the downtown area, Animal Ark serves as a sanctuary for rescued animals. This includes a wide variety of native and non-native animals including bears, cheetahs, and other wildlife. This is a great place to stop and see.

Take A Visit To Lake Tahoe
While located a little north of Carson City and Lake Tahoe, both are quite easy to reach from Reno. In less than an hour you can be enjoying the scenery of majestic mountains, alpine forests, and one of the most beautiful lakes in all of North America.

As you can see there are many options when it comes to enjoying everything that Reno has to offer. For all future volunteering possibilities Contact Us!